special transport, oversized transport Braća Crnomarković

Special Transport Braća Crnomarković

We carry out safe special transport and handling of oversized and special loads and heavy cargo. These special transports require reliable and efficient equipment and skills.

We have vehicles and trailers for heavy goods with complete accessories. We also offer transportation of special & heavy cargo or oversized freight such as:

truck transport, machines transport Braća Crnomarković
  • Construction machinery & machine transport
  • Truck transport
  • Concrete construction
  • Metal construction
  • Drive units
  • Silos
  • Boilers
  • various devices

Our mission is to provide comprehensive customer service based on professionalism, efficiency and responsibility, which we have been doing for many years.

Your expert for special transports – Braća Crnomarković.

Your contact for special transport

Mail: obrad@braca-crnomarkovic.rs 

Tel: +43 664 4315169 or +381 6288 16600